Cruising along Mekong River and Bathing with Elephants-Laos

March 5, 2010

I am currently in Laos, the land of the Million Elephants, and about to head to the Vietnam Border.  My journey in Laos has been quite amazing. I started the adventure in Bangkok where I met my Intrepid group (the tour group). The countries from the group are:  1-Belgium, 1-Spain, 1-Italy, 2-England, 2-Australia, and of course 1-United States. So there are 8 of us, where 6 people from the group are part of couples..haha…it is always this way when I travel.

Through this group we have traveled so many different ways-by tuk tuk, taxi, buses, trains, airplanes, and boat.  One of the most memorable moments was the cruise along the Mekong River.  It was quite soothing for the first couple of hours, but of course the scenery started to look the same.  We played cards for about the remaining 6 hours-yes I learned some new games. Oh when I travel I always learn the funniest things.

But the most exhilarating experience thus far has been my elephant trek in Luang Prabang, Laos.  As I was a sole traveler, and only 5 of us decided to go on the elephant tour, I had an elephant all to myself.  That said, I had to ride on its neck for 1.5 hours through the jungle. I was actually scared for my life in the beginning and asked the British couple to take my last picture.  I even joked that my money and valuables were back at the hotel.  But I soon became found of my elephant and named it “Baby” and “Dumbo.” Yes- I again had the smallest elephant and felt that it was suiting as I was the smallest of the group.

By the way, no one told us that by bathing with the elephants, I would be completely soaked. I literally sat on the elephant and the guide on my elephant kept yelling command words for the trunk to shoot out water.  I think I was the only one in the group to be completely drenched….My action shots were not that pleasing. You know how some people look glamorous in those wet shots—I was not born that way..haha…I just looked ridiculous as I looked through my photos.


About Jan

In 2004 and 2010, I set aside time to travel the world in 3 parts. In 2004, I traveled to Thailand, Europe, and Pacific Northwest region of the U.S. In 2010, I traveled to 3 continents: Asia, South America, and Africa. I am not sure if I have a fascination with the number 3, but I seem to be constantly traveling by numbers.
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2 Responses to Cruising along Mekong River and Bathing with Elephants-Laos

  1. Shu says:

    I love your elephant picture. Your elephant went into the water hehehe. I guess I can keep up with you on your site while you are gone=) Will miss you, but glad you are going on an excellent adventure!!

  2. Shu says:

    If anyone wants to know what Jan looks like, she is the one on the small baby elephant=) Love ya<3 XOXO

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