Too many numbers to budget

If I could travel full-time and not have to worry about the cost, wouldn’t life be grand?  Planning a high-level budget will help guide your style of travel. Note that the largest costs usually are from the flight fare and/or accommodations.

Airfare Costs* (estimate from the U.S.)
Africa:  $1400-$2200
Asia:  $700-$1400
Australia: $800-$1400
Europe:  $600-$1200
North America:  $150-$800
South America:  $400-$1100

* Airfare costs will depend on the location, number of stopovers, and peak/off-peak season of travel. These are just estimates and your budget should be adjusted based on current rates.

Accommodations:  What is your travel style?

1. Cost-conscious and funds are low:  Either you are a backpacker at heart or accommodations aren’t as important.  Budget between $15-$30 if you plan on staying at hostel-like facilities.

2. Traveling is nice, but I like my bed: You may have experienced staying at hostels and decided it is not for you.  Perhaps you like a bit nicer but not too fancy. Budget about $30-$70 per night.

3. When I am on vacation, I like 4 star accommodations: You don’t have a lot of vacation. So when you do have the time, why not enjoy it?  Budget about $100-$300 per night.

4. So much money I don’t know what to do with: I am probably not going to have much advice for you.  You are solid and will probably not need a budget.  But you may just want to budget for accommodations anyways.  Look at the other travel styles and use their nightly rate.

Other Costs

There are so many other costs associated with travel that I recommend creating a spreadsheet or list of all expenses.  Other expenses would include meals, transportation, activities, gifts, visas, health/vaccinations, items to prepare for trip, etc.


About Jan

In 2004 and 2010, I set aside time to travel the world in 3 parts. In 2004, I traveled to Thailand, Europe, and Pacific Northwest region of the U.S. In 2010, I traveled to 3 continents: Asia, South America, and Africa. I am not sure if I have a fascination with the number 3, but I seem to be constantly traveling by numbers.
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2 Responses to Too many numbers to budget

  1. Benita says:

    Great to see the different budget ranges listed out. I’ve had good experiences booking international trips through Expedia, getting fares at pretty decent deals – do you have recommendations on additional sites to use?

    • Jan says:

      Thanks Benita! I tend you to use kayak for price alerts-hotels and airlines. In addition to Expedia, I use travelocity and travelzoo for deals. If I am staying in hostels, I use or

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