9 days in Taiwan

July 2009


I was fortunate to visit Taiwan with a friend of mine that had family there. Sometimes the best way to see a country is through a local.  In many ways, parts of southern Taiwan reminded me of Hawaii but I guess, in a way, all islands have a similar feel.

Eating was definitely an adventure in Taipei, and the locals really seemed to enjoy night-time strolls through the markets.

Here is our itinerary in Taiwan:

Day 1:      Taipei
Day 2:      Kaoshiung
Day 3:      Shan-lin Village, Ken Din Park
Day 4:      Drive along southern part of Taiwan, Taitung, San-xian Tai, Shi-ti-ping, Yan-liao, Hua-lian
Day 5:      Taroko Gorge
Day 6-9:  Taipei

Sites we visited in Taipei:

Shalin Night Market, Ximending, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, National Palace Museum, Taipei 101, Dintaifung for dumplings


About Jan

In 2004 and 2010, I set aside time to travel the world in 3 parts. In 2004, I traveled to Thailand, Europe, and Pacific Northwest region of the U.S. In 2010, I traveled to 3 continents: Asia, South America, and Africa. I am not sure if I have a fascination with the number 3, but I seem to be constantly traveling by numbers.
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