How to become a cow in 60 minutes

After eating steaks for lunch and dinner every day, I have decided that I will turn into a cow in a matter of minutes.  They always say…You are what you eat. (Side Note:  I do not want to be offensive for people that hold this animal to be very sacred. I thought I would change my title to another animal, but thought, I will offend someone in the long run!)

We had walked along the streets of Mendoza, Argentina and noticed a flood of locals entering the restaurant Caro Pepe.  A great past time on a Sunday afternoon is to stuff your faces in a lunch buffet.

The following are steps on ¨How to become a cow in 60 minutes.¨

Step 1 (Time: 05)

Stretch your legs and stomach and proceed to the buffet table.

Step 2 (Time: 15)

Eat your first course starting with a salad and an oven roasted chicken.

First Course at Caro Pepe

Step 3 (Time: 25)

Wait in the barbecue line and start your second course. Pure Meat.

Second Course at Caro Pepe

Step 4 (Time: 35)

Repeat Step 3 multiple times.  Change your meat selections and take a deep breath when you start a new plate.

Multiple Courses at Caro Pepe

Step 5 (Time: 55)

Now you are not able to move. But out of the corner of your eye, you see everyone going to the dessert line. Proceed to the ice cream line and point to the flavors. Your eyes might be twitching, but the sight of dessert is deadly.

Ice Cream at Caro Pepe

Step 6 (Time: 60)

Pay the bill and quickly leave as you might take another look and decide to take another dish. By now, you have become a cow…


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  1. Snowy says:

    MMM, yummy food. Looks tasty=) The oven roasted chicken and the barbecue bone looks delicious!!!

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