It is Chilly in Chile!

I stepped outside the plane and felt a sudden chill. I knew that it was winter time in South America, but that did not stop me from going. With my waterproof pants, thermal shirt, and wind-proof jacket, I was ready to go.

I have been in Santiago a few days and have enjoyed the food, museums, and views of the city.

My Taste Buds say Yes

From empanadas to sausages to fried fish, my body gave a thumps up. We walked past a restaurant called Parrillada La Uruguaya that appeared somewhat gloomy outside. After walking into the restaurant, we pointed to the dish all the locals seemed to be eating. Yes, it was a glorious plate of MEAT. Vegetarians, beware! Our sizzling plate came out packed with sausages, steak, and pork stuffed with cheese. Coal underneath the iron plate kept the meat nice and crispy. Although the portion was for two people, we made a meal for three people and for two days!

Free is the Word of the Day

We were lucky to be in Santiago on a Sunday. Most museums are free so it was a great chance to check out some culture in the city.

We visited the Museo de Bellas Artes which housed modern and classical art. Downstairs you will find a dungeon-like room housing modern sculptures. It was a maze as every corner you turned, you would find an art piece with a spotlight behind it. It was like I found a pot of gold at every corner.

Another museum we visited was the National History Museum. The museum contained a bit of everything from wars, colonial expansion, and portraits of important Chilean figures. Unfortunately, the Pre-Columbian Art Museum was closed. It is supposed to be a great museum to visit while you are in Santiago.

Views of Santiago from the hills

A great way to visit Santiago is from two vantage points. On the first day we went to Cerro San Cristobal, which is the second highest hill in Santiago. There you will find a statue of Virgin Mary, an amphitheatre, and great views of the city.

Another area we visited was the Cerro Santa Lucia, which is a small hill in the downtown area. After climbing the windy staircase, you will find nice gardens, a small castle, and sweeping views of the city.

Overall I had a nice time in Santiago despite the cooler weather.  It is an urban adventure with plenty of restaurants and museums for one to visit.

Next stop:  Valparaiso, Chile


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  1. Edith says:

    How cold is winter in Chile? And your picture of the food at Parrillada La Uruguaya looks yum! Is it like the South American version of barbeque? Have fun in Valparaiso!

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