Hiking in El Chalten

The hills of El Chalten, Argentina

After seeing the Perito Moreno Glacier, our next stop in our adventure was El Chalten, Argentina.  El Chalten is located about 3 hours away from El Calafate, Argentina and is known as the trekking capital of Argentina.

El Chalten

There were plenty of trails, but as we arrived during the winter time, there were only a few options.

As we set foot in this town, I thought of an old western film. I imagined cowboys coming out of saloons and sands bustling along the town.  It was quite nice to explore the town without the swarms of tourists.

Since we had two days in the town, we explored the many trails (Lago Capri and Cerro Fitz Roy) of the town.  The trails were quite icy and unfortunately, I paid more attention to the ground instead of the sites.

We did have a few vista points-one in which I will always remember. It was like a scene from the Lord of the Rings with the rolling hills and the sparking waters from the river.

Taking a deep breath, I smiled, and thought that this was perfect.  No cars in sight and only the sounds of pure nature.

Cerro Fitz Roy

Along the way we saw the famous mountains of Cerro Torre and Cerro Fitz Roy.  We were lucky to see the mountains as one local told us it had been cloudy the past two months. Fortunately for us, it was a clear day with no clouds in sight.

Hiking in El Chalten was very magical and one of those places that one can truly enjoy nature.

Next stop:  Buenos Aires, Argentina


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  1. Snowy says:

    Yippee next stop Buenos Aires!! I used one of your Hawaii pictures as my desktop background.heheheh… It seems like you only have two weeks left before you are back in the states!!

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