Anyone need a shower? – Iguazu Falls

After leaving Uruguay, we made our way to Iguzau Falls.  Iguazu Falls, shared by Brazil and Argentina, is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the top destination spots in South America.  Before leaving the States, I had two sights that were on my “Wow” list of places to see:  Perito Moreno Glacier and Iguazu Falls.  So, I have to say that both places did not disappoint me.  Although the hoards of tourist somewhat bothered me, with deep concentration and voo doo magic, I was able to relax and pretend I was taking the shower of a lifetime.

View of the falls from Brazil

After enjoying the cold weather for over a month, my body quickly adjusted to the tropical climate of Iguazu Falls.  We walked along the many paths and reveled in the views of the falls.  We were so lucky that we saw a rainbow over the Brazilian side of the falls.

Iguazu Falls - Brazil side

View of the falls from Argentina

Thundering Falls - Argentina side

The next day we made our ways to the falls on the Argentine side.  From fellow travelers, I heard that this side of the falls were more grand and impressive.  Well, I have to say, it is quite impressive on this side, but sadly no rainbow.

We were so close to the falls that I felt like I was taking a shower.  Sure, why not splash yourself with water?

Although I wanted to take the touristy boat ride through the falls, my body wanted to recuperate and being soaked may not be the best way to enjoy my travels.  Later, I did speak with some members of the tour group and they seemed to have enjoyed the boat experience.

Instead of the boat trip, a group of us decided to follow the Interior Circuit trail, which was about 40 minutes of light walking around the park.  We were lucky to see these views away from the massive tourist groups.

As we were enjoying the peace and serenity of the place, out of the midst, came a swarm of tourists. Oh no!  Well, I guess when there is a natural beauty as beautiful as this, you are bound to see the truckloads of tourists.

View of the falls from the air

I wanted an IMAX moment-the moment where we are flying over the falls and seeing the sight from above.  From day one of the tour, I wanted to take a helicopter ride over the falls.  Although it was quite expensive ($100 USD for about 15 minutes), it was one of those things you do once in a lifetime.  Well, I may have said this before, as I vaguely remember a helicopter ride in the Hawaii island of Kauai.

View of Iguazu Falls from the air

Iguazu Falls were very impressive!  Onwards to my next adventure.

Next stop:  Paraty and Ilha Grande – Brazil


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  1. Snowy says:

    Very Beautiful Waterfalls=)

  2. Dixon says:

    I want to come next time. How about Hawaii next year for a wedding.

  3. Shu says:

    It seems like you just got back and then you are leaving again. Africa sounds like so much fun.

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