Short break into Uruguay

As I look back into my travels into Uruguay, it was a world-wind of a trip for plenty of reasons:

Stop the virus!

  1. Total of 5 days were spent in the country.
  2. Three places were visited:  Colonia, Montevideo, Estancia stay.
  3. I have encountered a virus and the virus was winning.
  4. I have just joined a tour group and it was time to follow a schedule.
  5. Did I mention the virus was winning?

Although I am normally a very optimistic person, being ill abroad is definitely hard on the body.  How did I deal with the illness?

  1. Crossed my fingers and wished for the best.
  2. Drank lots of liquids.
  3. Became friends with antibiotics.
  4. Enjoyed the company of newly found friends that coped with my cough.
  5. Bought all the tissues in the pharmacy.

City breaks in Uruguay

My travels through Uruguay were nice.  After meeting the tour group (11 people from the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States), we made our way from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Colonia, Uruguay via a speedy ferry.  The ferry was quite posh with some fancy duty free stores on board.

Colonia was founded in 1680 by the Portuguese and its historic quarter is deemed an UNESCO World Heritage Site. We only had one day in the town so we walked along the cobblestone roads and enjoyed seeing the views from the waters and from the city center.

Streets of Colonia, Uruguay

Our next city visit was Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay.  We only had one day in the city so we spent most of the time walking along the city center and the port area.  One very memorable experience was a performance at Teatro Solis.  A few of the tour members mentioned that there would be a free orchestra performance that night.  So a few of us queued for 30 minutes before the performance.

When I received the program for the night, I looked at the title and it roughly translated to an electronic performance.  Hmmm..not your typical orchestra?  So, we sat in our seats and awaited the big production. Little did we know that we would be listening to electronic pipes and car-like noises.  A few of us (including yours truly) had to leave the theatre after the first piece. Our laughing inside the theatre was quite unbearable and I have not laughed with tears in such a long time.  Good times.

Estancia stay in Uruguay

Estancia stay at Panagea

Babe.  One word.

I imagined my visit to an estancia (large farm, cattle ranch) to be similar to Babe, the movie of a pig on a farm.

I imagined becoming part of the farm and enjoying all the activities (rounding up the cattle, immunizing the sheep, etc).

Well, when the virus is winning, one can not partake in all the activities.  Sad, but true.

I enjoyed a horse ride through the rolling fields of the estancia.  Of course, out of all the horses out there, I had the one that enjoyed eating all the time. Classic as I felt the horse was quite similar to me.

The owners of the Panagea estancia were very helpful and I had the most wonderful home-cooked meals. Delicious.

Some meals that made my stomach smile

Chivito is a popular food item in Uruguay and usually consists of a beef sandwich with lettuce, tomato, ham, mozzarella cheese, and mayonnaise.  I shared this dish with a fellow traveler as I alone could not finish it.


The meals on the estancia were delicious and consisted of vegetables.  After being in South America for about a month, I was lacking my vegetable intake.  Each meal was prepared to perfection from grilled meats to sauteed vegetables to heavy stews.

Lunch on the Estancia

The time spent in Uruguay was quite short, but quite memorable.

Next stop:  Iguazu Falls


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