The Misadventures of Poo

Oh no!

Poo on the ground

It does not matter where in the world you are-you will always see the sight of poo.  And of course poo comes in all sorts of sizes, but today I will concentrate on the poo from man’s best friend, “the dog.”

You looking at me!

It was a clear, sunny day in Valparaiso, Chile.  I was traveling with the British couple at this time. As I was walking along the cement streets, I suddenly encountered a soft substance.

The squish sound.
The spread.
The joining of my shoe with the poo.

It was not love at first sight.  I spent the rest of the time looking around for grass.

I felt like a dog myself as I was looking for a nice patch of grass to ease this brown substance off my shoe.  So my next adventures in the city of Valparaiso consisted of looking for grass and staring at the ground.

Valparaiso (or Val-poo-iso after my poo encounters) is a lovely city, but I did see a lot of dog poo in the streets -more than any other place I have stumbled upon.

BEWARE of the poo!

Poo on the jacket

After my misadventure of dog poo, I figured I should be done with any encounters with poo.  Well, little did I know that I would once encounter poo.

It was a cloudy day in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My travels with the British couple had ended. As I was walking along the large avenues, I suddenly found a lady at my side.

She pointed at the back of my back jacket.  I did not see anything. I walked along.

The Bag

The lady approached me again.  I decided to look again and finally saw an array of green colors.  Ewww…bird poo.  She started with a tissue cleaning my back.  I thought to myself, “What a nice lady.”

Then suddenly, she asked in Spanish, “Why don’t you take off your bag?”  That is when the red light came on and I decided to say in Spanish, “I am fine. Thank you for your help.”

Then with my short legs, I did a quick little spider walk.  Although I was not sure if she was trying to be nice or not, I decided to not take any chances.

A few days later, I was speaking with an Australian couple and they mentioned an encounter with bird poo. Supposedly, someone would throw bird poo on your back and then try to help you clean it up. Afterwards, they would try to steal your belongings from you.

Although I am not certain if my encounter was a potential theft, I decided that it is better to be safe than sorry.

Buenos Aires is a wonderful city, but like in any large city, you just have to be aware of your belongings.

BEWARE of the poo!


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In 2004 and 2010, I set aside time to travel the world in 3 parts. In 2004, I traveled to Thailand, Europe, and Pacific Northwest region of the U.S. In 2010, I traveled to 3 continents: Asia, South America, and Africa. I am not sure if I have a fascination with the number 3, but I seem to be constantly traveling by numbers.
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  1. Shu says:

    This almost sounded like the adventures of Pooh Bear:) Yet, Pooh is no where to be found.

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