5 Extreme Sports to Try in Africa

When you think of Africa, you probably think of the many safaris and the villages you could visit.  But did you ever think about the extreme sports in Africa?  Africa has the beautiful wildlife and scenery, but it also has some active adventures that should not be missed.  Here are five extreme sports you should try while traveling in Africa.

5 Extreme Sports to Try in Africa

1.  Whitewater Rafting in Zambia

A great day excursion while visiting Victoria Falls is a half-day/full-day white water rafting adventure.  You start the day with a pick-up from your hotel/lodging and after a quick safety meeting, you make your way to the Zambezi River.  It is an amazing way to view the scenery and also have a thrilling adventure.

The Safari Par Excellence Company provides these excursions and price ranges from $140-$175 USD depending on the duration and the season (low/high).  If you could only do a half-day tour, I would highly recommend the morning session as the rapids are higher than the afternoon session. In addition, purchasing the photos are highly recommended (great quality).  Lunch is included for a half-day tour; lunch and dinner is included for a full-day tour.

2.  Quad Biking in Namibia

What better way to see the desert than through a quad bike tour in the Namib Desert in Swakopmund, Namibia. For about $75 USD, you have a chance to ride on a quad bike through the sands.  A dedicated guide is with you the entire time and the groups range from fast, medium, and slow.  They also have groups for automatic or manual control over the quad bikes.

Make sure to bring your compact camera with you as they do not offer photos for sale.  You will have the chance to experience clear skies in a wide open landscape. It is truly an unforgettable experience.

3.  Skydiving in Namibia

Prepare to fly like a bird.  Tandem skydives are offered through Ground Rush Adventures, the flying site near Swakopmund, Namibia.  As you glide through the air, you have a view of the Namib Desert from above.  For about 30 seconds you are moving at terminal velocity and then the parachute kicks in and you will float in the air.

The airplane ride is about 15-20 minutes, so prepare yourself as you will not jump out of the plane right away.    Skydiving can be bit pricey (about $200 USD).

4.  Sandboarding in Namibia

Another adventure to check out in Swakopmund, Namibia is sandboarding.  For about $30-$40 USD, a professional guide teaches you the basics. Lunch and a free video of your sandboarding falls and tumbles are included in the price.

The guides told us that sandboarding is easier than snowboarding as the fall is softer.  But beware, the falls are softer but there is a climb to the summit. Unlike snow sports, you have to do a lot of walking uphill.  The best experience is the jump off a platform (no previous experience required). Landing is another issue, but you can fall softly into the sand.  If you are not up to sandboarding, there is a lie-down sandboarding (similar to a sled).

5.  Bungy Jumping in South Africa

Last, but certainly not the least, is the adventure of a life-time:  the world’s highest bungy jumping.  What an exhilarating moment as you are falling for 216 meters (708 feet) from the Bloukrans bridge in Storms River, South Africa.

The staff is very organized and the safety record is impeccable.  Just make sure you have a few hours to spare as there are lots of people lining up for the challenge.  The cost is about $110 USD, but if you are not up for the jump, you can always walk along the bridge. The cost is about $20-$30 USD.

Or if you just want to view the bungy jumpers from a safe/far location, you can watch them at the restaurant facing the bridge. There are television screens that provide a close-up of the bungy jumping.


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