A Village Visit in Malawi

Malawi, a landlocked country bordered by Zambia, Tanzania, and Mozambique, is among the poorest countries in Africa.  Fortunately we had a chance to visit a local village about 10 km away from our campsite, Luwawa Forest Lodge in northern Malawi.  It was an eye-opening experience and the people greeted us with open arms.

We started our journey to the village with a 12 km stroll through dead brush and cut-down trees.  Our village walk consisted of visiting a fish pond, various dwellings, and a maize machine.

Village Dwelling

The village leader, Vincent, told us a story of a wedding tradition where the male would propose to a female before he would start dating the female.  Our group found this interesting as in Western traditions, a wedding proposal would occur after dating.

His voice was quite soothing and because he was blind, many of the members of the group did not feel so guilty as they fell asleep.  Yes, you are probably awestruck right now hearing this, but we had our afternoon naps. It was quite humorous watching people nod off and then wake up to see if anyone was staring at him/her.

Playtime with the Bottle

For lunch we were served a traditional meal with chicken, beans and ugali, a maize flour cooked with water.  We ate with our hands to fully enjoy the flavors.  After lunch we enjoyed a dancing performance from the ladies in the village.  The performance consisted of drum beating and ladies dancing in a big circle.  A few of us even joined in the ritual, although our bottoms could never fully shake to the rhythm.

Village Dance


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  1. Jo naismith says:

    Lovely to revisit our Malawi experience Jan! Your photos bring back some wonderful memories! Thank you from you Aussie mate. Jo (on board George’s truck!)

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