Intrepid Truck: Inside and Out

Vroom…Vroom…  So the engine did not necessarily sound like that, but I sometimes imagined the Intrepid truck in a monster truck race.  On my 45-day Intrepid camping tour from Nairobi, Kenya to Cape Town, South Africa, our home was this white school-bus like vehicle . Our very lives were implanted into this truck with countless hours traveling from one destination to the next.  This truck was our home when we were in transit (between campsites).  Once at camp, we lived amongst the animals in 2-person tents.

Outside of the Truck

The exterior was snow-white.  The truck was elevated above an average car on the road. 

Outside Intrepid Truck

Cabinets lined the side of the truck.  Within these cabinets contained our tents, cooking materials, cleaning supplies, drinking water and filtration system, and other miscellaneous items.  Large windows on the exterior gave amazing views during our many travel days.

Inside the Truck

There are two main areas in the interior of the truck:  the front cabin and main cabin. The front cabin area had enough space for about 2-3 people and is the area where all the driving would take place. 

Interior of Intrepid Truck

There was a small bed for the driver to sleep as well.  In the main cabin, there were seats enough for about 22 people to sit comfortably. Seats were nicely cushioned and had large pockets in front of each seat used for storage. 

Storage Lockers

Storage lockers were inside the main cabin at the back of the truck.  Each traveler was assigned a locker where you can store the majority of your belongings.  In addition, shelves were above our seats that provided addditional storage.

Located in the back of the truck was outlet wall for charging electronics.  Food was stored in a non-moveable cooler inside the truck.  There were two additional moveable coolers for our drinks.

Truck Adventures

The Intrepid truck became our home away from home. All our belongings were safely onboard and our bottoms were implanted in the seats after about 10-hour long driving days.  I still remember it like yesterday. It was our first driving day with the truck and behold, we made a sudden stop.  The truck broke down the first day and all the travelers stood along the side of the road as the crew fixed the exterior.

At one point in our tour we had close to 21 people onboard.  Just imagine 21 people running around the truck.  When trying to obtain your belongings through the locker, it became an adventure trying to move your body.  You want to make sure you have enough room retrieving your belongings, but you also have to do gymnastic moves so others can move around you.  It was quite a spectacle.  It reminded me of a crowded concert and you are trying to maneuver yourself to the exit doors.  Everything eventually settled down and visiting our storage lockers was a routine operation.

Truck on Ferry in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Not only did we have a chance to see the truck travel through sandy paths and rocky roads, we had a chance to see it board a crowded ferry in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. There were hundreds of passengers, but our driver Ben navigated through the crowds to board the ferry.

Every few days, we would hand-wash our laundry.  If the clothes did not dry outside and we would have to travel to our next destination, we would hang the laundry inside the truck. It was quite humorous as it was a clothing-obstacle course to your seat.

Clothing Obstacle

The truck was our home for 45 days and provided a great way to see Africa through its rough terrain.


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  1. Deepa says:

    I am not sure how I stumbled upon this site but this is amazing! I miss South Africa so much and I am so jealous you are experiencing all of these countries :)

  2. Shu says:

    Love the hanging clothing. You guys traveled around on a bus, but where did you guys sleep?

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