Mini-Guide: A Day in Dubai

What place can boast an indoor ski slope inside a mall and man-made islands?  You are on the right track if you were thinking of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is a commercial hub, originally built on the oil industry.  Dubai has attracted national attention with its large construction projects which includes the Burj Al Arab, characterized as the world’s only “7-star property.”

When to go

If you want to avoid the extreme heat of the desert climate, try visiting Dubai during December through March.  Daytime temperatures range between 22°C and 30°C (72°F to 86°F).

Where to stay

If you are flying with Emirates and you have a layover for over 8 -10 hours, Emirates offers a free hotel stay at one of its hotels.  Emirates provides free transportation and food vouchers at the restaurant, so your expenses in the city are quite low.  Just remember to book a hotel in advance by calling an Emirates representative – letting them know you have a long layover.

If you are flying economy class, the hotel is most likely the Millennium Airport Hotel.  There are various other hotels that you can stay in if you are flying business class.  By timing your layover flight to Dubai, you can stay in Dubai for free and have extra hours to enjoy the city.

Emirates also offers stopover packages if you would like to stay in Dubai longer.

What to do

You can see the major sites in one day with a tour.  The hotels will arrange a tour for you that would cost approximately $30 USD.

Areas that will be on your itinerary include:  Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, man-made islands, Burj Al Arab (the “7-star hotel”), Burj Khalifa (tallest building in the world), and Gold Souk (area of gold stores).

Other sights you can check out are the desert (via a desert safari and dune drive), Mall of Emirates, which includes the indoor ski slope, and the many shopping malls.


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