About me

This travel website will be dedicated to the travel stories and recommendations of Jan “JJ” (a nickname coined in a mystery-shrouded temple in Cambodia). On this site, you’ll find helpful information about traveling in general, sample itineraries for places around the globe, and of course, my adventures in far-flung places!

What is the significance of “Traveling by Numbers?”

  • I am counting down the number of countries I have seen around the world.  So far, I have visited 41 countries out of 195 countries (based on about.com).  Although the number of countries in the world varies, 195 seemed like a nice number.
  • As I am an accountant by training, I have a fascination with numbers. 
  • Many of my posts will have numbers as a theme. Examples include:
            –    Number of days in a region
            –    Number of steps/tips to…
            –    Top ten things you should do in the city

How do I have so much time to travel?

I decided to take a career break in 2010 and spend 7 months traveling to 3 continents:  Asia, South America, and Africa.  Because my body is not seasoned for full-time traveling, I always come back to the States for a breather before the next journey.

Why do I travel?

Traveling the world gives me insights to other cultures and an appreciation to what I have in the present.  I believe that at any age you can travel and the way you travel depends on your current lifestyle.

  • In 2010 I traveled on a budget because I am not rich.  I find that traveling on a budget gives you opportunities to meet incredible people.
  • When I was working and had a few weeks to travel each year, I traveled a bit nicer, staying in posh accommodations and eating at classy establishments.
  • I hope that when I retire, I will just travel.

Why should I like “Traveling by Numbers?”

I believe that traveling is good for the soul.  Hopefully, my adventure stories and practical travel advice will help make traveling easier.  Perhaps my posts can influence you to visit places you never heard of before.


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