Travel Websites for the Practical Traveler

Tweet I like to think I am somewhat of a savvy traveler. I sign up for price alerts and look for travel discounts. I have recently read an article published by the New York Times (NYT), “19 Web Sites for Travel …

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The Travel Blues

Tweet After my year long adventure around the world, I am back in the San Francisco area.  I looked at my last travel post and I could not believe it was almost 2 months ago. What happened?  I call it …

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Mini-Guide: A Day in Dubai

Tweet What place can boast an indoor ski slope inside a mall and man-made islands?  You are on the right track if you were thinking of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is a commercial hub, originally built on the oil industry.  …

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Mini-guide: The Winelands of South Africa

Tweet Do you ever think of the wine when you think of South Africa?  This wine region is quite remarkable from the breathtaking views to the delicious gourment food to the wide variety of wine.  Here is a mini-guide of the …

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Top 10 Things to Do in Cape Town

Tweet Cape Town is a beautiful port city on the western side of South Africa.  The pristine beaches and the iconic image of Table Mountain are just a few images that capture the livelihood of Cape Town.  South Africa had …

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How to Pack Efficiently

Tweet If you are planning a long trip abroad, how should you pack efficiently?  Here are a few quick tips to pack your suitcase or backpack: 1.  Think about what you want to bring with you on your journey.  Click here for …

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The Secret to Staying Cool: The Fan

Tweet Imagine while traveling you encounter scorching heat.  All you want to do is jump into a pool of ice cubes.  Well, if this is not an option, why not carry something compact like a fan?  As part of my packing …

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5 Extreme Sports to Try in Africa

Tweet When you think of Africa, you probably think of the many safaris and the villages you could visit.  But did you ever think about the extreme sports in Africa?  Africa has the beautiful wildlife and scenery, but it also …

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