Travel Websites for the Practical Traveler

Tweet I like to think I am somewhat of a savvy traveler. I sign up for price alerts and look for travel discounts. I have recently read an article published by the New York Times (NYT), “19 Web Sites for Travel …

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The Travel Blues

Tweet After my year long adventure around the world, I am back in the San Francisco area.  I looked at my last travel post and I could not believe it was almost 2 months ago. What happened?  I call it …

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How to Pack Efficiently

Tweet If you are planning a long trip abroad, how should you pack efficiently?  Here are a few quick tips to pack your suitcase or backpack: 1.  Think about what you want to bring with you on your journey.  Click here for …

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The Secret to Staying Cool: The Fan

Tweet Imagine while traveling you encounter scorching heat.  All you want to do is jump into a pool of ice cubes.  Well, if this is not an option, why not carry something compact like a fan?  As part of my packing …

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4 Tips for Doing Laundry Abroad

Tweet This post is dedicated to Tara, a good friend and frequent visitor to this website.  Tara requested a post on doing laundry abroad. If you have any ideas for a post or would like to be a guest writer, …

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Eating abroad – 3 dollars for 3 people

Tweet When traveling abroad for a long period, eating out every day may kill your stomach or break the bank.  If you are staying in a hostel or have access to a kitchen stove, cooking a meal is quite simple.  …

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