The Circle of Life – Animals in Africa

Tweet I did not know what to expect on my safari drives in Africa.  It was breathtaking to see so many animals wander around in the wild. I kept thinking back to the opening of the Disney film, The Lion King, …

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Intrepid Truck: Inside and Out

Tweet Vroom…Vroom…  So the engine did not necessarily sound like that, but I sometimes imagined the Intrepid truck in a monster truck race.  On my 45-day Intrepid camping tour from Nairobi, Kenya to Cape Town, South Africa, our home was …

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Meals on my African tour

Tweet To any traveler’s delight, trying different types of food can be a wonderful and eye-opening experience.  Here are some of the meals(camping, village, and restaurant) I had on my 45-day tour in Africa.  For our camping meals, we had a …

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A Safari in the Serengeti

Tweet When I first set my eyes on the Serengeti National Park “Serengeti”, my journey into Africa felt somewhat complete.  Although it might be quite cheesy to equate the Serengeti to the Lion King, it could be somewhat true.  The …

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