A Village Visit in Namibia


Tweet A very memorable village visit in Africa was the Ju/Hoansi-San Village (San Bushmen) in Namibia.   The San Bushmen are indigenous people of southern Africa which spans parts of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Mozambique, Swaziland, Botswana, Namibia, and Angola.  Traditionally they …

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5 Extreme Sports to Try in Africa


Tweet When you think of Africa, you probably think of the many safaris and the villages you could visit.  But did you ever think about the extreme sports in Africa?  Africa has the beautiful wildlife and scenery, but it also …

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The Circle of Life – Animals in Africa


Tweet I did not know what to expect on my safari drives in Africa.  It was breathtaking to see so many animals wander around in the wild. I kept thinking back to the opening of the Disney film, The Lion King, …

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Click of the Week – Sunset in Etosha National Park


Tweet One of the most memorable moments in Africa was the sunset at Etosha National Park.  After a day of watching lions pounce and play, we arrived to the permanent waterhole in the Okaukuejo campsite inside the national park.  As …

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Meals on my African tour


Tweet To any traveler’s delight, trying different types of food can be a wonderful and eye-opening experience.  Here are some of the meals(camping, village, and restaurant) I had on my 45-day tour in Africa.  For our camping meals, we had a …

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Click of the Week – Going Nowhere Slowly


Tweet During this holiday season, families and friends enjoy each other’s company.  When I was in the Orange River of  Namibia in the Felix Unite campgrounds, I saw this sign “Going Nowhere Slowly” posted on the outside of a bungalow. Sometimes …

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10 Scenic Places Not to Miss in East and Southern Africa


Tweet Africa was known as the dark continent as it remained a mystery to Europeans in the 19th century.  Harsh terrains such as the Sahara Desert made it difficult for many countries to penetrate into the interior of the continent.  In some ways, Africa still contains …

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